Used software can be freely purchased and resold today

The Court of Justice of the European Union has sentenced that the rightful owner of a user license can legitimately resell his own rigths to a third party.


From today you are able to buy and legally resell secondhand software licenses

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently ruled with the sentence C-128/11 of July 3rd 2012 on the matter of software protection, stating that the author of a computer program cannot oppose the resell of “used”licenses, as in already owned from a third party, asserting that the exclusive right of distribution of a compuer program, covered by a user license, is exhausted at the time of the first sale of the copy by the rights holder or with their consent in the EU.

The Court ruled consequenlty that every subsequent acquirer of that copy is a “lawful acquirers”. Therefore he have the rights to install on his computer the copy of the software purchased, even when such copy was sold from a third party outside the vendor, to use it with respect of the original license Terms & Conditions, and finally to resell it again.

Join a New Market

After many years of expectation, this historical sentence opens the secondhand software market, and it revolutionized the distribution models existed up till today. In this period of great evolution Resoft want to propose itself as the key reference in the Italian market.

New Opportunities for Everyone

Thanks to the used market, new opportunities arise for the software license owners, where they can today obtain capitals from the resell of unused products; the secondhand acquirers will gain a discount in the purchas of 50 % and more with respect to the new products, with the chance to pay part of the trade-in value through the sale of other products.

Doubts on purchasing and selling used software?

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