The services provided by Resoft

Resoft covers all the services needed in the secondhand software market: resell and purchase of used software licenses, technical and sales support combined to the legal supervising needed

Resoft is focused on purchase and sale of used software licenses

In every sale of used software Resoft guarantees its customers peace of mind, thanks to a careful verification of the user’s right to use of the license subject of the sale, the supply of all the documentation necessary to prove the origin and ownership of the licenses, and a clear assumption of responsibility.

Why choose Resoft?

Purchases and Sells 100% safe

Clear contractual guaranties

Complete technical assistance


Precision and punctuality

Support, security, transparency

business and legal assistance

In addition to technical and commercial assistance on products and licensing models of your interest, Resoft offers legal advice necessary to support the client in the contracting of maintenance services, or to revise the scope and terms, in the event a service already exists.

Total Assurance

All transactions are accompanied by the necessary documents to guarantee the licenses origin and the ownership trasnfer of the license user rights to the new onwer. At the time of each purchase it is provided all relevant documentation to prove the existence and consistency of the used licenses.

Complete transparency

As proof of the quality of the audits performed in the process of selection and transferees of licenses entered in its catalog, Resoft provides the contractual guarantees necessary to lift from any liability relating to the purchase.


Why buy and sell used software licenses?

More resources available

Release new financial resources from the sale of software assets no longer used

More savings

Save when buying software licenses when purchasing from the secondhand market

Better Cash Flows

Optimize cash flow, allowing the purchase of new licenses with the exchange of older unused products

High-End Products

Access, at the same price, to higher level products

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