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With Resoft you can buy and sell used software licenses,with the assurance of the operative and technical assistance and legal counsalting of the most qualified experts in the software licensing field.


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Sell software licenese and gain profit from your old or unused software assets

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Now you can buy and resell used software licenses

The Court of Justice of the European Union recently ruled (sentence C-128/11 of July 3rd 2012) about the software product protection, stating that the author of a computer program cannot prevent the resell of “used” software licenses, as already purchased by third parties, by affirming that the exclusive right to the distribution of a computer program copy, covered by user license, is exhausted with the first sale.

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Technical and Legal Consulting

In addition to the technical and business consulting on vendors products and licenning models, Resoft offers legal consulting during the whole process of licenses ownership transfer and, when required, support to the client during negotiation for maintenance services.

Total Safety

All transactions are performed with all the documentation needed to guarantee the origin and the ownership of the seller’s licenses user rights. In order to create customized services, Resoft is ready to provide eventual integrated guarantees based on the client needs.

Complete Transparency

Resoft guarantees maximum transparency in every transaction, provides contractual indemnities from any liability regarding user rigths and all the documentation, signed and released during the licenses ownership transfer operations.

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